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Lisa Hu

Lisa brings a depth of experience and expertise in managing large transformation programs to help corporate clients—from strategy development to operation improvement. In her 20 years of professional experience in advising clients, Lisa has advised clients in the areas of corporate strategy development, turnaround and performance improvements, procurement and supply chain operation optimization, sales channel and marketing excellence, product portfolio optimization, and organization restructure. She also supports private-equity and corporate clients with transactions from target screening to commercial due diligence, to operational due diligence, and to postmerger integration. She has combined strategy with implementation and created real value for clients.



Lisa在管理大型转型项目方面拥有丰富的经验和专业知识,帮助企业客户实现从战略制定到运营改进不同方面的转型。在过去20 年为客户提供专业的咨询服务经验中,Lisa曾汲及企业战略制定、扭亏为盈和绩效改进、采购和供应链运营优化、销售渠道和市场营销优化、产品组合优化以及组织结构调整等领域。她还为私募股权和企业客户的交易提供支持,从目标筛选到商业尽职调查,再到运营尽职调查和并购后整合。她把战略与规划结合起来,为客户创造了真正的价值。


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