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Colum applies three decades of financial, commercial, and forensic accounting experience in assisting clients to better protect against, respond to, and recover from challenging situations that have regulatory, reputational, or financial implications such as fraud, corruption, data breach, money laundering and sanctions, and complex commercial disputes. Based in Asia for over 25 years and a former partner at a global accounting firm, he then managed a group of China-focused companies before playing a key role in establishing and developing the Asia financial investigations practice for a global risk consultancy. Colum has a degree with First Class Honors in economics from the University of Leeds in England and is a fellow of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



Colum拥有三十年的财务、商业和法务会计相关的经验,协助客户更好地应对欺诈、腐败、数据泄露、洗黑钱、制裁和复杂的商业纠纷,并能帮助客户从巨大的负面财务影响或声誉受损等挑战中复元。 他在亚洲有25年的领导经验,之前曾是一家全球会计师事务所担任合伙人。在此之后,他帮助管理以中国为中心进行发展的公司群。此后他为Kroll在亚洲建立和发展财务调查业务。 Colum拥有英国利兹大学的经济学一等荣誉学位,并且是英格兰和威尔士特许会计师协会和香港注册会计师协会的研究员。


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